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    Technology brings the world to our fingertips like never before. Bringing our smartphone into our guitar technology sphere means unlocking many new...

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61 reviews
Amazing next step in portable musician amp

Once I figured out how to connect my jamstack to my iPad or my iPhone I’ve been really enjoying my jamstack. The quality of the sound that comes out of such a small package is amazing! I’ve shown some other musical friends of mine and they have all loved it. It’s just so convenient I even use it at home. No more searching for power plugs and patch cables for pre amps and petals and recording gear. I can do it all with the jamstack and my phone or tablet! I highly recommend any musician to purchase their own jamstack!

Outstanding portable practice amp!

I purchased several jamstack amplifiers and I am more than pleased with their performance. Sounds great, easy to use, and you get a Bluetooth speaker was part of the purchase. It is a perfect portable practice amp. I don't expect it to compete with a hundred Watt Stage amp. I highly recommend this jamstack amplifier!


Great product with great sound, adds a bit of weight but isn’t a problem. Attaching is kind of a pain but once you’re used to it, it is no problem. Expensive but if you’re willing to spend the money it’s worth it, I got it for my boyfriend and I know he’ll love it, it’s an amazing gift

I find it really convenient to use. Don't have to hook up my regular amps and the sound is great. I use it playing guitar lesson apps. Still need to figure out the phone app.

Jamstack enthusiest

I was amazed with the sound and simplicity of operation. I have yet to work with cell phone Apps as I am preoccupied with other matters but hope to get moving on that soon. The minor issue I have is the mount. It comes loose very easily.