What makes Jamstack
so unique you ask?

Due to Jamstack's proprietary technology, nothing else is quite like it.

How to Jamstack


It only takes a few seconds

Press and hold the spring release button.

Stretch the Jamstack over the strap button of your guitar as shown.


Smartphone mount and all cables provided

Slide the mount through the track.

Place your smartphone inside the holder.

Plug the guitar cable into your guitar's output jack, and into the Jamstack's ¼" guitar cable input jack.

Plug the appropriate smartphone cable into your smartphone's port, and into the Jamstack's USB C input jack.


Choose the sound you want from your favourite app.

Choose from thousands of popular presets

Edit, prototype and experiment to find your perfect sound

Play along to your favourite music using Apple music or Spotify

Shown: Tonebrighe (iOS)

How it Works

The strap button is captured and trapped by the locking ratchet.

Signal in from the guitar (analog)

Signal out from the phone (digital)

The phone, acting as the brain, processes the sound. The modern smart phone has hundreds of times more processing power than even the best digital effects pedals.

Jamstack Fit Guide

Fit requirements:

Your guitar is between 4.0 and 6.0cm wide (most standard guitar bodies are)

Has a strap button surrounded by a flat surface

The output jack is further than 8cm from the strap button (most standard guitars)

One Year Warranty

Against any and all manufacturing effects

Built to Last

Made with reinforced plastic, and high grade aluminum

Trusted Customer Support

We have guitar players standing by ready to help you have a great experience