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Compatible Software

App Strengths/Features iOS/Android $
Tonebridge 9000+ pre-sets from popular music which are easily searchable iOS Free
Deplike Super low latency and great tones iOS + Android Free + in app purchase
Garage Band Premium tones and recording suit iOS Free
Tonestack Extremely authentic tones, with granular control of the signal path iOS Free + in app purchase
Ampkit Tones of pedal choices and clean and easy interface. iOS Free + in app purchase
Tabs The largest repository of guitar chords. Also integrates with Tonebridge to synch up with the tone of the song. iOS Free
Vulse Turns your phone screen into a control interface. iOS Free
Clear Tune Great analog style tuner iOS Free
Loopy Create music by layering looped recordings iOS Free + in app purchase
Spire Great vertical recording software iOS Free
Yousician Industry leading learning software that allows you to follow a bouncing ball and listens to your playing. iOS Free sample lesson + paid lessons
Uberchord Effective learning software for playing chords along to music. iOS Free