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Behind The Scenes: The Roll Cage

The Jamstack 2 is designed to be a premium piece of gear, elegantly featured amidst your prized guitars, and state of the art home theatre system. Nevertheless, this versatile guitar amp has all the tools to be your go to mobile audio companion, supporting all of your guitar playing and music listening needs, no matter the context.


Take it with you busking, play it in your next jam session, set it up as your bluetooth speaker on the beach, or use it to set the tone at the job site! The Jamstack 2 can do it all. 


This desire for an adaptable piece of gear was the inspiration for the Roll Cage: a strong and lightweight accessory you can snap on and off in seconds, providing the protection you need in precarious environments. The Roll Cage will keep your Jamstack off the ground, guarding it from drops, falls, and spills. This extra peace of mind will embolden you to bring the Jamstack 2 with you wherever you go, and to use it as it was meant to be used!

Let’s go over some of the key design events of the Jamstack 2 Roll Cage:

  • First off, notice the top of the cage has an easy to grab handle, making it simple to move the amp around as needed.

  • Highlighting the importance of the connection between the Jamstack 2 and your smart phone, we’ve created a second area for your phone mount to attach! This allows you to position your phone in any orientation, making choosing songs and editing presets effortless.
  • The Roll Cage has a built-in tilt function, which may just be the most crucial feature. Angling your speaker towards your head is one of the most underrated ways to improve the sound quality of your system, and the Roll Cage makes this simple adjustment as easy as a backwards tilt. 

Let’s review! Peace of mind: no spills, drops, or falls. Easy to grab: bring it where you want, when you want! Tilting and angling: easy to adjust the direction of the speaker, making it a valuable upgrade to your current speaker system. 

If you’re looking for even MORE peace of mind, we have a very reasonable “accidental damage plan”, that covers 100% of the value of your Jamstack 2 unit, including shipping, for drops, spills, and other accidents of this nature. The Roll Cage is a key element in making the Jamstack 2 the most versatile and portable piece of gear in your collection!



Want to see for yourself? Pre-order your Jamstack 2 amp today!