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What is Jamstack Inc.? Where we’re going and how we’re gonna get there.

You probably know us as “the attachable guitar amp guys”, and that's certainly where we started. But there’s a lot more to Jamstack Inc. than meets the eye, and while we are eagerly anticipating the launch of our next product the Jamstack 2, we want to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the mission and vision that has guided us to where we are now, and how it will prepare us for the next stage of our business. 

Behind the Scenes: Why we include a Phone Mount with every Jamstack 2

The Jamstack Phone Mount; an item that allows you quick access to that HD touchscreen supercomputer we all carry with us every day, but having your phone exactly where you need it while you play guitar is tricky. Here's why...

Guitar Phenom Alexandr Misko Covers "Careless Whisper"

This cover of George Michael's "Careless Whisper" is anything but 'careless' in the hands of Alexandr Misko. He uses parts of the guitar in way that will amaze you, check it out!

Turn up the Twang! Finding Classic Country Tone on any Guitar or Amp

The first word that gets associated with country guitar tone is twang, a word that evokes both plunky banjos and wailing steel guitars, and usually means bright, clear, and punchy. Gear wise, this means single coil pickups and clean guitar amps.

The Jamstack 2 Companion Control App for Built-in Effects (Android and iOS)

We knew when we began development of the built-in effects engine of the Jamstack 2, we were going to need a companion control app. And just like everything we do, we wanted to leapfrog farther ahead of other control apps on the market to make it more usable, more intuitive, and (as always) more powerful. 

Baby’s Got the Bends: 4 Techniques to Make Your Guitar Wail

What is it about bending that is so intoxicating to the listener? It’s hard to say, but my sense is that bending is what makes the guitar “sing”. As humans, we have a deep and natural connection to the human voice, our primary method of communication, which is why singing evokes an emotional response from the listener. Bending strings sounds like singing, emotional singing sounds like wailing, so turn up the guitar amp - we're gonna make your fretboard cry.

Who Needs a Guitar Amp When you Have 90.000V Arcs?

Ok, obviously we're the ones who are gonna say you need a guitar amp. But this video is seriously cool, so check it out!

The 5 Types of Guitar Effects - and where your favourite pedals fit in

Most guitar effects have names that describe the sound they make (like Fuzz or Wah-wah) while others have names that describe the process of making the sound (like Phaser or Overdrive), but here we’ll try to take a scientific approach, asking “what are the properties of the sound and what are the ways they can be altered”? Or better yet, “what the heck does this pedal do?”

Our Favorite Back-to-School Guitar Cameos

While the kids are getting ready to head back to school, we thought we'd celebrate by watching some of our favorite school-themed guitar scenes. 

How We Made Our Small Speakers Sound HUGE

With the rise of the smart amplifier, people are now starting to apply the notion that bigger isn't better to guitar amplifiers too. Here's a peek at the work we’ve been doing to put the Jamstack 2 in a class of its own for both portability and sound quality. 

Behind the Scenes: How Jamstack Does Effects

The original concept behind our attachable amp series was to rely on your smartphone to be the brains of the operation. But we wanted to bridge the gap between the user experience of the electric and the acoustic guitar. With built in effects that could be optimized for the amp itself, the electric guitar would gain the “pick up and play” quality that is so favourable with acoustic guitars. We knew having the effects of an electric with the convenience of an acoustic would be a magical experience.

The Pursuit of The Mute

Are you having trouble with unwanted notes ringing in your chords? Have you ever wondered how your favourite guitar heroes bang away on riffs so effortlessly without hitting the wrong strings? Are you hoping to add a little extra weight to your playing? The answer is muting!