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Behind the Scenes: Creating the Jam-Stand

Design and development-wise, it's probably our simplest accessory 'cause we weren't looking to re-invent the wheel, we just wanted to perfect the axle.

Watch This: Justin Johnson's Spicy Take on a Slide Solo

We thought his playing was already hot, then Justin Johnson uses a bottle of Tobasco Sauce to really turn up the heat!

Mind Over Matter: Changing Your Mindset to Improve Your Practice Habits

Do your pals introduce you as “this is my buddy who plays guitar”? Do your in-laws buy you weird guitar-themed gifts for every holiday (“I thought of you when I saw this mug ‘cause it has a guitar on it”)? If so, you may be on your way to musical excellence with what is called the Self Determination Theory.

Alternate Tunings (and Why You Should Try Some)

Chances are you’ve spent a good deal of time learning to play in standard tuning, you know your way around the fretboard and maybe you can confidently take a solo... so why abandon all that knowledge and start from scratch learning new chord shapes and scale positions?

Product Update: What do the Suez Canal and the Jamstack 2 have in common?

The literal and metaphorical ship blocking the Suez Canal has been freed, and now we can happily say that we are making incredible strides and progressing very quickly.

Looping Gone Wild: Fuelling the Pipelinefunk

Though it may not be easy to haul to the next gig, Armin Küpper has made waves on YouTube with his catchy saxophone + pipeline loops and we can't stop grooving to them. 

Good Reasons to Buy Used Guitars

Great News and Bad News

Our Favourite Guitar Lesson Apps

Finding Company in Backing Tracks