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The World's Most Versatile Guitar Amp

The World's Most Versatile Guitar Amp

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Over $1,500 in value
Pro Level Effects System = $800

Pro Level Effects System = $800

Unlike the next leading smart amp, the Jamstack 2 tones are inline with effects rigs costing $800 or more.

Ultimate Bluetooth Speaker = $500

Ultimate Bluetooth Speaker = $500

You will not find a more high definition portable speaker for it's size.

Mobile Recording Interface = $150

Mobile Recording Interface = $150

Record into any devices including iPhone, Android, Mac, and PC with studio quality.

Built-In Wireless = $170

Built-In Wireless = $170

The Jamstack 2 as a pro grade low latency receiver and transmitter built-in for ultimate convenience.

all in one system

Jam packed with everything you need

From brand new players, to seasoned pros, this premium smart amp is your perfect audio companion.

For the first time ever, we've brought together premium effects, incredible sound, and powerful recording options in one elegant design that you won't be able to put down.

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Have more fun playing guitar

Most accurate tones

The Jamstack 2 provides more accurate guitar tones than any other smart amp on the market.

Our processor is 5 times faster than the next leading smart amp.

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More control


Effortlessly browse, craft, tweak, and share your effects presets through our free wireless control app.

Sound like your hero with a single click with our large preset selection that's growing every week.

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Loved by the top creators

Listen for yourself

Click to see how some of the top online creators are enjoying the Jamstack 2.

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Better guitar videos

record into your phone

We're the world's first and only amp that allows you to simply plug into your phone, and create perfect sounding guitar videos.

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feel empowered

Duet, Loop, learn, and more

You can also turn your phone into a fully featured loop station, quickly duet with people on TikTok, and even access effects from third party apps like Garageband. The Jamstack 2 is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, and PC.

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ultimate freedom

With its ultra-compact design, this powerful all-in-one system fits in your palm, making it your perfect audio companion in any setting - be it at home, while traveling, or when you’re out with friends. A hyper-portable amp without compromise.

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attach to your guitar

set up in seconds

With our first of its kind attachment system, you can simply pick up your guitar and play the minute inspiration strikes.

No extra holes needed.

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The Jamstack 2 has two rechargeable lithium-ion battery cells, providing over 9 hours of continuous playing or listening to your music at high volume.

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Even your music sounds better

audiophile Bluetooth speaker

Get ready to rediscover your favorite tunes and redefine your music appreciation with unparalleled clarity, depth and presence.


amplify anything


Easily connect electric and bass guitars, acoustic guitars with pick-ups, electric pianos, electric violins, electric drum kits, microphones, or any other device with a ¼” jack.

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Play Wireless
via skaa


Enjoy an impressive wireless range of 50 meters with our state of the art built-in wireless technology powered by SKAA. This innovative system ensures exceptional stability and ultra-low latency.

Even more volume

wirelessly cast out audio

Harness the power of our exclusive Jam-Cast technology, along with optional receivers to seamlessly cast out audio to other speakers like your home theatre system, subwoofer, or PA. Now there’s no limits to where you can bring your music.

jam-packed with
Premium Features
extra mic input

extra mic input

The Jamstack 2’s head- phone jack doubles as an extra input for vocals or another instrument.

Mappable Knobs

Mappable Knobs

Choose what effects are controlled by what knob.

Phone Charger

Phone Charger

No more worrying about low battery on your phone, whether you are playing or not.

Cables Included

Cables Included

In the box includes all the cables and accessories you need to get started. *Wireless sold separately*

What people are saying

I simply could not believe the sound coming out of that small speaker.

- Carmen

It felt like having my entire rig with me where ever I went.

- Rod A

The Jamstack 2 simply makes me want to play guitar more. It’s awesome.

- Dan S

The Jamstack 2 simply makes me want to play guitar more. It’s awesome.

- Greg J

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Jamstack 2 Amp

Jamstack 2 AMP

+ Hardcase
+ Free shipping

Wireless Transmitter PRE-ORDER

Wireless Transmitter

100' Range
Transmitter to
multiple units

Jamstack 2 with Wireless Guitar Transmitter

Wireless Bundle

+ Hardcase
+ Wireless Guitar Transmitter
+ Free Shipping


Wireless transmitters shipping later this year

Technical Specs

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Here's the details:

• Power amp: 30 Watt class D amplifier

• Maximum Sound Pressure Level: 110 db

• Mobile Ready MFI Certified Audio Interface

• A/D Resolution: 24-bit/192 kHz

• Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity with 24-bit/96kHz

• SKAA Pro Low Latency Wireless Audio

• 2.5" Custom Drivers

• Built-In Amp Tones Based on Real Circuits

• 10 On Board Presets

• Speaker Weight: 1.7lbs

• Garmin Compatible Quick Release Mechanism

• Wireless Firmware Updates

• Dimensions: 8"x2.5"x2.5"

• 9 Hour Battery Life at High Volume

• Built-in Rechargeable 10,000 mAh Lithium Ion battery

• Inputs: 1/4" Mono, 3.5mm Mono (Apple standard), SKAA Wireless, Bluetooth

• Outputs: 3.5mm Headphone/Line Stereo Out, SKAA wireless, Bluetooth Relay

• Three Mappable Encoders with Push Functionality

• Three Programmable RGB LED's

• USB-C Power Bank Capability at 5 Watts. (cannot charge lightning devices)