The World's First Attachable Guitar Amp

The most freeing and addictive way to play guitar.

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Setup in seconds and play anywhere, anytime.

Jamstack attaches to the base of any standard electric guitar. This means you're up and running in seconds, and aren't bound by cables or power outlets.

Use your smartphone for infinite effects, loops, play-along tracks & more.

You won’t believe the sound quality, volume, and rich tones it can produce at such a tiny form factor. It’s a little powerhouse that’s easy to use and built for the long haul.
Impeccable sound quality and 8 hours of battery life
Thousands of effects, pedal and tools at your fingertips
Play along with any music on your smartphone
Jamstack sounds incredible at any volume

Capture inspiration at a moment's notice

Jamstack’s impeccable tone, lightning-fast setup time, and unlimited effects mean you’ll be reaching for it every chance you get.

Works with any standard guitar

The Jamstack uses the power of portable speaker technology, an ingenious attachment mechanism, and some clever signal management to be more than just a portable guitar amplifier.

Nothing is faster to set up, and nothing close to as portable.

The Jamstack is the only amp in existence that allows you to play your electric guitar with effects. Imagine the ease of bringing Jamstack to a friends house, playing out in the park, walking around your apartment, or laying out a melodic solo on the dock.

Unlike any other amp on the market

The Jamstack was designed in consultation with some of the world's premier audio engineers. We've used the most premium components at every step in the signal chain to make sure the sound profile is extremely crisp and accurate.
✔️ Only amplifier that attaches onto your guitar

Having your phone right next to your hand is a must. Jamstack puts any effect pedal, loop station, and a recording studio all at your fingertips.

✔️ Needs only your phone for effects, nothing else

You can use thousands of game-changing apps without additional cables running out to separate knobs or interfaces. 

✔️ Full range speaker with long battery life

A weight to output ratio will surprise you. Unlike mid-range speakers, Jamstack allows you to play along to music.

What the pros are saying

"The Jamstack really surprised me. I can't believe the tone on something so small and light."

"It mounts on so effortlessly and leaves you with a feeling of freedom I've never had with an electric guitar."

"I find myself picking up may bass way more often, cause I can be up playing to backing tracks in a few seconds, it's addicting"

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