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Jamstack's mission is to make playing, creating, and consuming music enticing, accessible, and social.

This may sound like a lot but it's really not. It's all about removing friction. However, friction points that have been there for a hundred years are usually there for a reason. Removing this friction takes intense engineering and an obsessive attention to detail. 

Jamstack started with a relatively simple idea. An attachable amplifier that connected to your smartphone. Through the process of developing and using the Jamstack 1, we realized that there was a much bigger idea at the core of our solution. 

We made the hard choice to stop selling the Jamstack 1 and put all of our resources and attention into an incredibly ambitious second generation. It was way harder than we vould of ever imagined, but it also turned out so, so much better then we could have hoped.

We’re all musicians and music lovers here at Jamstack, but we think differently then the existing dominant brands, choosing to address problems from first principles. More on that on our blog here.

Meet the team:

Chris Prendergast, Founder and CEO

Joy Broadbent, Creative Direction

Michael Latimer, Business Dev

Sam Martel, Social and PR

Connor Johnson, Operations

Julia Kater, Customer Success