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Behind The Scenes: The Wall Mount

The wall mount is as important to our vision as any accessory Jamstack offers, but it brings with it some questions. You’ve probably already had the thought “but isn’t their whole thing that it attaches to the guitar?!” And the answer is YES!! But also, SOMETIMES!! Sometimes you want it up and away from you, and here’s why: 

Example 1:

  1. Have kids? Pets? Keep your guitar amplifier (and Bluetooth speaker) beyond the reach of spills and sticky fingers
  2. Have 2 Jamstacks? We’ve designed them to work in tandem as a home theatre system… more on that in a bit.
  3. Do you switch between multiple guitars or multiple instruments often? Pop out the wireless transmitter from one axe to another and you’re good to go.
  4. Mount the Jamstack in the best possible place for a high fidelity playback experience, so you can enjoy listening to the awesome solo you recorded earlier while you kick your feet up somewhere comfy.

When understanding the full value It’s also important to remember the Jamstack 2’s networking capabilities. You can hang your guitar on your wall (or on your Jam-Stand!) already connected to the wireless transmitter. Then by simply picking up your guitar and waking up the transmitter, you can start where you left off jamming anywhere in your house. 

Example 2: With two wall mounted Jamstack 2’s things get really interesting. You can:

  1. Create a stereo pair for whole room incredible music listening
  2. Use the wireless transmitter to play through two Jamstack 2’s at once (each with potentially different effects)
  3. With the Optical TV Transmitter, you can create a fully wireless home theatre setup that wakes up by itself, and doesn’t suffer from that distasteful wifi latency. When an explosion happens on TV, you’ll hear it immediately! Just make sure you don’t hit the floor and take cover. 

How we designed it

The wall mount, like all of our products, is designed to seamlessly integrate into your home/work/music life.

If you want to direct it to a single place, then you have a small, clean and invisible mount you can use with one hand. Also included are two extension pieces that allow you an incredible amount of articulation and flexibility for any setup imaginable. 

We took care to make sure the wall mount disappears behind your Jamstack, regardless of the configuration you happen to be using. You’ll notice the geometry is set up so the arms and base plate hide behind the speaker. 

You’ll also notice that the mechanism is different than the one that attaches onto your guitar (or the tube mount). That’s because a 90 degree twist action is not ideal for a speaker so close to the wall. The wall mount being relatively still, allowed us to create a simple snap in, snap out mechanism. 

When you hear the awesome sound coming out of the Jamstack 2 you will understand why we designed accessories that will take your listening experience beyond the guitar. It’s going to be a wild ride!



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