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Jamstack Product Update: What do the Suez Canal and the Jamstack 2 have in common?

Have you jumped in and pre-ordered your Jamstack 2 amplifier yet? 

If not, this is a great time to take the plunge! You won’t find a better price, and the more support we get in pre-orders, the fitter, happier, more productive we can become. If you have placed your order already (amazing decision, thank you!) you are probably wondering when your bundle of tone is going to arrive on your doorstep. We’ll answer that in 5 sentences.

I'm so pumped by the enthusiasm for the amplifier, as well as the ecosystem of incredible accessories. We are still offering deep discounts on all pre-orders, so if a Jamstand, Jamcans, Roll Cage, or Wireless Transmitter is on your wishlist, we hope you’ll dive in before the prices go up to full retail amounts.  

This pandemic has certainly put a strain on… pretty much everything… and eventually it came around to the tech sector when worldwide processor shortages put significant delays on manufacturing. We put so much time and energy into creating the most advanced device imaginable that we were not about to start cutting corners once the processors we needed became temporarily unavailable. But the literal and metaphorical ship blocking the Suez Canal has been freed, and now we can happily say that we are making incredible strides and progressing very quickly. Which means….

We’re confident we will begin shipping in August and finish in September. 

You can count on your Jamstack 2 being better than anything you’ve heard from us so far. We’ve not only blown past our desired specifications, but with the extra time we had to brainstorm while we waited for parts, we’ve added a few extra features in there for you to enjoy (we'll tell you more about that soon!).

As always, we’re here for you at if you have any questions. 

Much love,

Chris and Team Jamstack 

Want to see for yourself? Pre-order your Jamstack 2 amp today!