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Jamstack Reviews

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Amazing next step in portable musician amp

Once I figured out how to connect my jamstack to my iPad or my iPhone I’ve been really enjoying my jamstack. The quality of the sound that comes out of such a small package is amazing! I’ve shown some other musical friends of mine and they have all loved it. It’s just so convenient I even use it at home. No more searching for power plugs and patch cables for pre amps and petals and recording gear. I can do it all with the jamstack and my phone or tablet! I highly recommend any musician to purchase their own jamstack!

Outstanding portable practice amp!

I purchased several jamstack amplifiers and I am more than pleased with their performance. Sounds great, easy to use, and you get a Bluetooth speaker was part of the purchase. It is a perfect portable practice amp. I don't expect it to compete with a hundred Watt Stage amp. I highly recommend this jamstack amplifier!


Great product with great sound, adds a bit of weight but isn’t a problem. Attaching is kind of a pain but once you’re used to it, it is no problem. Expensive but if you’re willing to spend the money it’s worth it, I got it for my boyfriend and I know he’ll love it, it’s an amazing gift

I find it really convenient to use. Don't have to hook up my regular amps and the sound is great. I use it playing guitar lesson apps. Still need to figure out the phone app.

Jamstack enthusiest

I was amazed with the sound and simplicity of operation. I have yet to work with cell phone Apps as I am preoccupied with other matters but hope to get moving on that soon. The minor issue I have is the mount. It comes loose very easily.

Wish I had this 20 years ago

Love my jamstack. I wish I had this jewel 20 years ago. I’m mostly what I call a campfire player, never gig, and now I play every day and see improvement every week. If you’re on the fence about getting one, pull the trigger and buy it today. My only negative is I don’t like the added weight but I play lefty and usually sitting so it’s not a big deal.

Nice portable amp!

I had to change the button out on my Fender Squier as the original button was too thin. Jamstack support was helpful in figuring this out, it would have been a 5-star review if the included documentation suggested it more clearly. Other than that the Jamstack works great and everybody who I've shown it too wants to get one.

Easy to use

Very easy to use. Just pick up the guitar or bas and play. Some skills needed for all the applications that can be used.

Fantastic amp

I've been loving the Jamstack and the plurality of guitar-patch apps with which it is compatible! The packaging and general quality of the product itself was also impressive. Having it attached to my electric guitar has certainly increased the odds of my playing music even after a busy weekday. Fantastic product!

Lov it

I’m glad u all did take your time to put out the best product possible . Like how it works with GarageBand thank u all .

Awesome sounds!

What a great new toy for electric guitar players. Gave one to my nephew heading off to college next year. He raves about it!!!

Fantastic Product

I wish I had something like this many years ago when I first started playing guitar. The best new device I've purchased in a very long time. Thanks

Very, high quality, well balanced.

This is the nicest guitar stand I own. I have 28 guitars so I have a lot of stands. It holds the guitar securely and does not tip.

This is Amazing

Haven't touched my guitar in years and have picked it up every week for hours. The recommended apps make a big difference and really make jamstack shine

I love It!

So far I have been using the Jamstack direct clean sound with my Les Paul and it sounds great. It's so easy to hook up and practice. I have experimented some with the app and it sounds great too. It is also my go to bluetooth speaker now. It has a very rich sound with lots of bass. Great purchase!

Great Musical Gift

This really helps with practicing.

Jamstack is perfect

I’ve been waiting for this to be put into production for a long time. I’m glad to say that even after literal years of building this product up in my head, it hasn’t disappointed. Great product! Great team! Couldn’t be happier

Ambitious, well-thought out idea, will only get better in time.

The Jamstack fills a void for guitarists and other musicians using the latest technology to do things one could not before. It is unique, stylish, and well-built. While it may appear that there are a few slightly similar devices on the market, (Strumbuddy, plug-in portable amps, come to mind), NONE of them has the features of the Jamstock, or can do what it does: Superior volume, sound, and access to an impressive array of effects, amp, and guitar sounds, on the go! I'm still getting to know mine, as of course, there is a learning curve if you want to get the most out of this device. This is to be expected with such a feature laden product. As of this writing, (Mar 2019), Android users are limited to one app, Deplike, which happens to be excellent, while IOS users have a choice of several. This product appeals to all ages and demographics, from millennials wanting to jam outside, to veteran players who are looking for a way to get the sounds they love, mobile, without having to lug around cumbersome amps and an array of pedals - it's all in the app, (ah, technology). As the apps improve, so will the overall experience, so Jamstock has nowhere to go but up. Guitarists, you need this in your arsenal, take it from a Veteran of the Psychic Wars. Good luck on your journey.

Acoustic guitar attachment...

It would be great if you could create and attachment to fit an acoustic guitar. The speaker unit should contain a limited effects package of reverb, echo, chorus and crunch, without having to hook up to a phone.

Awesome product

This really has been a great tool to use for practicing. Had it working within 5 minutes. Downloaded tone bridge and can use backing tracks on YouTube videos to play along with. Pretty loud through the speakers and the headphone jack is perfect for not annoying my wife.

Not happy because no one will return email

Bought for my daughter a little over a month ago( over 30 days) it will not produce sound through from the guitar. And they won't respond to email or help in any way. Very dissapointed!!!

Jamstack - Attachable Portable Guitar Amplifier


Super fast shipping and awesome concept! We love it :)

Awesome set up

This gift was a hit
Everyone I have bought is loved by my friends. Great product