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Awesome product

This really has been a great tool to use for practicing. Had it working within 5 minutes. Downloaded tone bridge and can use backing tracks on YouTube videos to play along with. Pretty loud through the speakers and the headphone jack is perfect for not annoying my wife.

Jamstack - Attachable Portable Guitar Amplifier

Jamstack - Attachable Portable Guitar Amplifier


Super fast shipping and awesome concept! We love it :)

Awesome set up

This gift was a hit
Everyone I have bought is loved by my friends. Great product

Jamstack - Attachable Portable Guitar Amplifier

Love if

Works great and great for taking with you to shed parties!

Great idea!

This makes travelling and practising so much easier and is a great adoption of new sound technology. My only complaint is that the attachment mechanism has a narrow range of guitar depths. It fits a Gibson style electric well but falls off easily from my Rickenbacker and won’t fit on my Godin.

Very good for indoor small crowded jams

Easily and quickly mounted on the guitar (could also be kept permanently mounted). Great variety of sounds through the app. Not loud enough for big crowds and or outdoor. Perfect for indoor jams, rehearsals, daily playing..

Overall very satisfied with the purchase

Very good product

I have a size large which fits well. Its a very nice product.

Nice product!

Very good quality and fits well!

So cool.

Great sounds in quality little box!

Still learning.
Very entertaining


This is an awesome invention! I bought for my son & the sound quality is amazing!

Thumbs up

Great piece of tech. Had it for a week, only just beginning to dive into all its potential.

Jamstack - Attachable Portable Guitar Amplifier

Jamstack for Mike

I have a motog4 phone and use the deplike app. I think they have upgraded the app lately(possibly) Anyways I love it. I just have a lower end Jackson Dinky guitar but I get great sounds with the different amps and pedals. Mostly I just use the different amps and the distortion pedals but most of them sound awesome. I've never had a problem with the hookup as worked well from day one. Was getting a bitt of feedback awhile back but think Deplike has fine tuned the app a bit more maybe or just a matter of fine tuning the amp and pedal settings. Anyways Im finding the Jamstack worth the wait now and am enjoying it. Deplike would be a bit better if it had guitar tabs added to it to play along to songs with for guys like me that are intermediate level at best, but all in all its a pretty good app.

Jamstack - Attachable Portable Guitar Amplifier

JamStack is So Cool

JamStack is so cool. I Can create songs, practice songs and learn how to play songs with my JamStack, iPhone, and my instrument.

Nice product, but better tutorials on setup needed

Jamstack is a nice product very portable with quick guitar attachment, but better tutorials on setup needed. Tutorials needed especially with pedal effect apps like Tonebridge or Deplike or ToneStack. Once you get it setup the Jamstack it's an awesome practice amp.

excellent product with excellent service!

So much fun.

this toy, paired with the phone’s music and the pre-amp app, has more than doubled the time i play during the day. it’s a lot of fun.

Happy Camper.

The jamstack solved my problem of noise complaints from the old guy next door for playing acoustic guitar! Finally I can play enough not to be rusty and annoy myself, not to mention the neighbor...

Nailed it!

I can’t say enough about how much I love this thing. I’m just a...”sit around the house and rip my guitar when the kids aren’t here” kinda guy. Now I walk through in the front door, grab my Tele or Gibson, Jamstack already affixed, open Tonebridge/Zeppelin-Custard Pie tone...and crush it!
You guys nailed it.