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Behind The Scenes: Making A Case for the Hard Case

The Hard Case for the Jamstack 1 was a big hit, and we’re excited to bring it back for the Jamstack 2! Much like the Jamstack amp, we’ve made some key changes that will ensure that the new Hard Case is better than ever.

Before we unpack the details, let's review why the first iteration Hard Case was so well loved and appreciated:

Having a small portable guitar amp that sounds exceptional is a real game changer. Suddenly there are more possibilities for playing your guitar - anywhere! If you’re bringing your electric guitar and Jamstack with you everywhere you go, having a reliable case that protects your kit from being damaged or getting lost is essential. It frees you up to feel good about your super portable rig, and truly allows you to play anywhere, in seconds. 

*The Hard Case easily clips onto your guitar case with the included carabiner 

Those principles remain front and center with the new Hard Case, but this blog series is meant to give you a window into the thought behind our designs, our considerations, and everything else we love about our products. So what’s so “new” about the new Hard Case? Let me tell you!

*New more compact design for the Jamstack 2

Light but Strong

To design a case that really makes you want to get up and go, we knew that keeping the weight down was key. The clam shell design has a thin but durable plastic shell, filled with super tough EVA foam. The perfect combination of materials and geometry makes this case both incredibly lightweight and strong. The sloping arc shape acts like an egg shell, distributing the force evenly in case of a fall.

In between the accessory compartment and the speaker mold is a robust piece of plastic, protecting your speaker from anything you’re carrying around in the storage compartment. 

Convenient and Thoughtful

When designing our products, we do our best to make sure our designs are as manageable as possible. Here are some details we spent a long time refining to make the Hard Case easier for you to use:

  • In the spirit of prioritizing ease, we made sure the Jamstack 2 slides in and out of the Hard Case effortlessly with just one hand!
  • The height of the zipper on the accessory pouch is just right. Too tall? Digging your hand into the bottom becomes a pain! Too low? Everything falls out when you’re trying to take out one accessory! We experimented with this a lot, and found the perfect middle ground, making the pouch both accessible and secure. 
  • We included a double zipper on the exterior. That way, whichever side you guess the zipper is on, you’re right! Little details like this go a long way to making a product more fun and enjoyable to use. 

There’s one more hidden easter egg in the design that I think you’ll appreciate, but giving everything away is no fun, is it!!?




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