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Great News and Bad News | Jamstack

Hi everyone,

Here in Ontario Canada we’ve been in a state of emergency for the last two months which has certainly caused some challenges. 

Specifically it has caused our process into tooling and manufacturing to be a great deal slower than we initially forecasted. We began this project much, much farther along than we did in the past, and our timeline was based on the best information we had at the time. This is also incredibly more complex, requiring four engineering teams working in a pandemic. 

Luckily we have found ways around all of our challenges. Our past experience with hardware has led to the ability to solve problems creatively, but one thing we won’t do is jeopardize the quality of this product. 

We are now over most of our challenges and in fact tooling should begin next week!

We will of course shoot you pictures of the molds and film further videos with the early factory prototypes early next month. 

After then, ahead of us is still two stages of certifications. 

We expect to begin shipping out Jamstack 2’s to our backers in mid August.

We understand this was not what you had hoped, but we hope you can be understanding in these very unique circumstances. 

As we have in the past we will continue to provide our early supporters with unique perks and benefits to show our appreciation. 

Email us anytime at

Happy Jamming, stay safe

-Chris and Team Jamstack

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