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Our Favorite Back-to-School Guitar Cameos

While the kids are getting ready to head back to school, we are reminded of some of our all-time favourite school-themed guitar scenes - extra credit goes to Jack Black for wearing a portable guitar amp!

School of Rock 1 & 2

Ok, anything with Jack Black would probably make our top ten list, but School of Rock is our ultimate school-themed movie franchise. The kids are nerds that become cool, Jack Black learns a valuable life lesson, he wears a portable amp, this movie has it all. 


Back to the Future 1

The image of Marty McFly rocking Johnny B Goode at the sock hop was the first image that came to mind when we searched "school" and "guitar" in our memory banks. It's a classic scene, and a reminder to us all that no one that can rock like Chuck Berry (sorry Michael J Fox).

The Simpsons: Season 3 Ep 2 "Otto Stays Over"

Not only does Otto rip a mean solo on the school bus, but the episode starts with a Spinal Tap concert, and a painful-cause-it's-true tinnitus joke.  Instant classic.

Freaks and Geeks: Season 1 Ep 6 "I'm with the Band"

This one is a deep cut, but we'll use any excuse to watch these young starlets navigate high school. Lindsay encourages Nick (Jason Segel) to pursue a career in music, and throughout the episode they play "Sunshine of your Love" over and over and over.

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