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Behind the Scenes: Why we include a Phone Mount with every Jamstack 2

The Jamstack Phone Mount; an item that allows you quick access to that HD touchscreen supercomputer we all carry with us every day. One of the seminal ideas of the Jamstack portable guitar amp system was the ability to utilise amazing guitar apps like Garage Band and Tonebridge in a free flowing way. 

Having your phone exactly where you need it while you play guitar is tricky. It takes into consideration the optimal viewing angle, while being rigid enough for one hand operation. Then there’s the apps that require landscape mode, which adds another degree of rotation. 

Additionally, the Jamstack 2 phone mount has that extra axis of articulation to allow you to tilt it towards you.

And bonus: at this angle you can do cool recordings of your hand while you’re playing. 

To make sure the new phone mount was incredibly strong and resilient, we sandwiched two plates held together with three machine screws. 

We realised that the phone mount could also play an important role when the amp is being used in desktop mode, or outside. This is why we made sure it could act as both a standalone stand, or integrate into the roll cage. If you want to let others help control your tone, or publicly display your music streaming app, it can act as a dock so it's easier to DJ your music. 

Wanna hold a mic while you sing? We included the standard mic slots so you can sing your heart out.


The phone mount is a high tech product in its own right and because it's so awesome, we've included with every Jamstack 2. 

We think you’re going to really enjoy it. 

Much love,




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