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Behind the Scenes: Why we include a Phone Mount with every Jamstack 2

The Jamstack Phone Mount; an item that allows you quick access to that HD touchscreen supercomputer we all carry with us every day, but having your phone exactly where you need it while you play guitar is tricky. Here's why...

How We Made Our Small Speakers Sound HUGE

With the rise of the smart amplifier, people are now starting to apply the notion that bigger isn't better to guitar amplifiers too. Here's a peek at the work we’ve been doing to put the Jamstack 2 in a class of its own for both portability and sound quality. 

Behind the Scenes: Creating the Jam-Stand

Design and development-wise, it's probably our simplest accessory 'cause we weren't looking to re-invent the wheel, we just wanted to perfect the axle.

Product Update: What do the Suez Canal and the Jamstack 2 have in common?

The literal and metaphorical ship blocking the Suez Canal has been freed, and now we can happily say that we are making incredible strides and progressing very quickly.

Great News and Bad News

Here in Ontario Canada we’ve been in a state of emergency for the last two months which has certainly caused some challenges. Specifically it has caused our process into tooling and manufacturing to be a great deal slower than we initially forecasted.