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Behind the Scenes: Why We Went Wireless

Going wireless with the Jamstack 2 guitar amp was a difficult decision. Not because we weren’t convinced of the amazing potential it would bring to the product. The decision was difficult because we had already jammed so much technology into the design that even one more addition was incredibly ambitious - even for us. 

Behind The Scenes: The Roll Cage

The desire for an adaptable piece of gear was the inspiration for the Roll Cage: a strong and lightweight accessory you can snap on and off in seconds, providing the protection you need in precarious environments. The Roll Cage will keep your Jamstack off the ground, guarding it from drops, falls, and spills. This extra peace of mind will embolden you to bring the Jamstack 2 with you wherever you go, and to use it as it was meant to be used!

Behind The Scenes: The Wall Mount

The wall mount, like all of our products, is designed to seamlessly integrate into your home/work/music life. If you want to direct it to a single place, then you have a small, clean and invisible mount you can use with one hand