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How We Made Our Small Speakers Sound HUGE

With the rise of the smart amplifier, people are now starting to apply the notion that bigger isn't better to guitar amplifiers too. Here's a peek at the work we’ve been doing to put the Jamstack 2 in a class of its own for both portability and sound quality. 

Behind the Scenes: How Jamstack Does Effects

The original concept behind our attachable amp series was to rely on your smartphone to be the brains of the operation. But we wanted to bridge the gap between the user experience of the electric and the acoustic guitar. With built in effects that could be optimized for the amp itself, the electric guitar would gain the “pick up and play” quality that is so favourable with acoustic guitars. We knew having the effects of an electric with the convenience of an acoustic would be a magical experience.

The Pursuit of The Mute

Are you having trouble with unwanted notes ringing in your chords? Have you ever wondered how your favourite guitar heroes bang away on riffs so effortlessly without hitting the wrong strings? Are you hoping to add a little extra weight to your playing? The answer is muting!

Watch This: Nirvana's "Come As You Are" as You've Never Heard it Before

Have you also wondered if Nirvana's "Come As You Are" could be elevated by adding an oud, a didgeridoo, and a harmonium? Well, you're not alone! Watch this incredible collaboration on the grunge classic.

Let’s Dive Into DAWs: Are You Ready to Amp Up Your Recording Game?

If you’re curious about recording, and you’ve taken it upon yourself to do some inquisitive google searching on the subject, you’ve probably come across the term “DAW” a number of times already. Maybe you’re asking the question that all of us have asked at one time or another - what is a DAW!?

Behind The Scenes: Making A Case for the Hard Case

The Hard Case for the Jamstack 1 was a big hit, and we’re excited to bring it back for the Jamstack 2! Much like the Jamstack amp, we’ve made some key changes that will ensure that the new Hard Case is better than ever.

Watch This: Drummer Dan Weiss Mesmerizes in This Auction Packed Play Along

Here's a creative collaboration that I bet you wouldn't expect! Drummer Dan Weiss puts his exceptional technical and listening skills on display in this auction packed play along! Check out Dan's lofty bid to keep up with auctioneer Ty Thompson


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Watch This: Young Wonders Play an Incredible Version of "Sir Duke"

12 year old Temitayo Kayode and 11 year old Demilade Adepegba play a joyous rendition of Stevie Wonder's "Sir Duke" on two saxophones! Watch as these two young Nigerian musicians get creative with this American classic.

Behind the Scenes: Why We Went Wireless

Going wireless with the Jamstack 2 guitar amp was a difficult decision. Not because we weren’t convinced of the amazing potential it would bring to the product. The decision was difficult because we had already jammed so much technology into the design that even one more addition was incredibly ambitious - even for us. 

Break Out of the Box With These Pentatonic Patterns

A scale pattern in a closed position (no open strings) that sticks to roughly the same grouping of frets is called a box patternWhile this is a perfectly valid and reasonable approach, let’s be honest - who wants to be put in a box anyway?! As you progress on your journey to soloing greatness, perhaps the most beneficial scale pattern to learn is called the Diagonal Pentatonic Scale. Don’t worry - it’s less difficult than it sounds.

Behind The Scenes: The Roll Cage

The desire for an adaptable piece of gear was the inspiration for the Roll Cage: a strong and lightweight accessory you can snap on and off in seconds, providing the protection you need in precarious environments. The Roll Cage will keep your Jamstack off the ground, guarding it from drops, falls, and spills. This extra peace of mind will embolden you to bring the Jamstack 2 amp with you wherever you go, and to use it as it was meant to be used!

Muscle Memory: an athletic approach to the tactics of practice

Sometimes, music is like sports. Music can be played alone, or in a group. Music is collaborative: your bandmates are your teammates, and the more you’ve practiced, the tighter your performance will be. You can approach music tactically, theoretically, or just play to have some fun and pass the time. But the main similarity, at least to me, is that music is physical, and if you learn to use your muscles in just the right way, the repetitive motion can become second nature. This is often referred to as muscle memory. Developing this type of skill can be tricky, and it’s not always clear where to begin, so let’s dive in!